Why Exercise?

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Uncategorized

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to just say no to working out? It takes discipline. It takes determination. And it takes commitment. But how do you stay motivated when it is so easy to just say “no” to exercise? Here at FlipTowel we are committed to healthy lifestyles. Keeping your body moving is critical to your quality of life and your health. When you get in the routine of working out on a consistent basis it is amazing how much better you feel. Even 10 minutes a day of some type of exercise like walking, running or weights, can make a significant difference in how you feel both physically and mentally.


Sometimes it’s just good to remind yourself why it’s so important to exercise.

We did some searching around and loved THIS ARTICLE. It’s a quick read full of great information and motivation!

Below are some of the things it covers.

The Head-to-Toe Health Benefits of Exercise

Why It’s NEVER Too Late To Get Active & Stay Active

How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?

Before You Begin

How to Get & Stay Motivated

We hope it will inspire you to get out there and SWEAT!


And don’t forget…”Don’t sweat the sweat”…Wear the FlipTowel!

Here’s to your sweaty self!

The FlipTowel Team