“I wore the FlipTowel for the first time at the gym the other day and I’ll never go back without it. It’s brilliant and it’s exactly what I need.”

Emily M.

“It’s so light weight you don’t even know it’s there. I’ll never have to worry about bringing a towel to the gym again and that’s an incredible thing!”

Elizabeth S.

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“The FlipTowel is easy to use and exactly what I need when I play basketball at the gym.”

Blake J.

“Works great in my hot yoga class.”

Kristin B.

“Wonderful new product. Tried it and loved it. Bought one for each day of the week.”

Chris N.

“Great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer.”

Anita B

“It was a great help while playing tennis. Wiped the sweat off the grip during the match. Definitely handy.”

Tommy P.

” I hated throwing my towel on the ground during my aerobics (gets dirty). I was able to use the Flip Towel during the class without stopping my exercise and without using a dirty towel that I throw on the ground.”

Karen R.

“I flipped, wiped and kept running. Pretty straight forward. It helps keep the sting/sweat out my eyes.”

Robert M.