Our Product

Tired of looking for a towel or using your hand or T-shirt to wipe sweat…

The Flip Towel is a unique product, combining a sweatband with a high quality micro-fiber towel to give the active person a quick and convenient way to wipe the sweat from many areas of their body, to include their head, neck, face, and eye areas, without the hassle of carry a towel, using their hands or T-Shirt, or interrupting their activity.


Flip Towel vs. a Sweatband or Headband:

A standard sweatband or headband simply eliminates sweat at a specific point. A headband, for example, does not address sweat that occurs on the face. Similarly, a sweatband does not adequately address sweat generated on the hands or on the head and neck region, since it does not contour to those areas—The Flip Towel does.

The Flip Towel can contour to eliminate sweat from the back of your neck, head, face, arms, or hands—really any area. Also, it can be used to wipe off the sweat from the equipment you are using—the grips of a racquet or handles of a bike.

Other Features/Benefits:

  • Sweatband / Towel Combination – Handles sweat everywhere–face, head, neck, etc.
  • Contours to your body
  • Convenient – Quick access to towel while on the go
  • No carrying or losing a towel or placing on the ground to get dirty
  • Quality microfiber towel – Soft but durable with great absorption capacity
  • Machine washable
  • Pocket area for money or keys
  • Magnets – Quick deployment and return of towel to secure location under wrist
  • Use in the fold or extended position