Sweatbands – Not the Cure All

by | Apr 10, 2016 | Uncategorized

OK, I know that some of this sweat stuff will sound elementary but I figured I would spell it just for the heck of it.  Since a lot of what we do here at The Flip Towel is sweat related, many of the initial blogs will be also be sweat related.  Go figure.

First, standard sweatbands and headbands do help to reduce sweat from reaching a certain area.  For example, sweatband help stop sweat from continue down the arms to the hand, where you don’t want the sweat to get to.  Headbands are similar in that respect–they help to keep the sweat from moving from the head to the face area; the goal of which is to keep the sweat from running into the eyes…mainly.

So what if you start sweating below the sweatband and wristband, which I must say is a given?  In short, you have to deal with it.  There lies the problem or shortcoming of a sweatband and headband.    Since our motto or tag line is “Don’t Sweat the Sweat,” we ask that you do just that..i.e., don’t sweat it.

The Flip Towel Solution:

The Flip Towel, which is a combination of a towel and sweatband, tries to accomplish some of the shortcoming of these two sweat “mitigation” or” roadblock” apparel items.  One of the goals of The Flip Towel was not to take more “real estate” than a standard sweatband…meaning, the towel portion of The Flip Towel does not extend beyond the width of the sweatband and cover more skin.  There are some company that have attempted to address the sweat issue by doubling the size up the sweatband, and in doing so, cover more skin, which in essence create more heat and sweat.  It is a vicious circle for them.

The Flip Towel sits underneath the sweatband, on the wrist, and can quickly fold out to wipe off the sweat in those areas that have the unwanted sweat.  Besides the face, neck, head, etc. etc. areas, The Flip Towel can also be used to wipe off sweat from the equipment you are using while exercising.  For example, you can use The Flip Towel to wipe sweat off of your tennis or racquetball racquet (many time you cannot walk off the court to grab a towel) or to wipe off a piece of workout equipment.

In short, it is hard to get your standard sweatband and headband to do anything beyond their standard scope of work.  It just isn’t in the card for them.  The Flip Towel, on the other hand, is a great prescription for many of your sweat aliments or problems.  Perhaps, we should have had our motto read:  “Don’t sweat the sweat, the doctor is in”…yes, that is a exceptionally poor attempt to try to tie the doctor / cure all analogy into the blog.